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The Salt Creek Mattress Company is a leading manufacturer of a full range, high quality mattress product line. Our design philosophy is centered on providing you with superior sleep quality to enhance your lifestyle.

Our wide-ranging selection of mattress products are designed for differing body styles including every sleep style, while providing unmatched comfort levels. All of our products are designed using components and methods that have gone through demanding testing in order to ensure that our products are manufactured of the highest quality materials available, resulting in exceptional sleep performance and long-lasting comfort.

The Salt Creek Mattress Company is not a typical mattress store where;

  • Your comfort is low on the list of selling points.
  • The sales people know less than you do about mattresses.
  • You are never ‘fit’ to your mattress.
  • Are you tired of the “50% off sale” push on mattresses, with balloons and clowns and hot dogs on Saturday.

You spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress. You need to work with true experts to get the right product for you, to match your sleep style, body type, comfort need and of course budget. Mattress buying will never be the same again.

Sleep is critical for you to feel and perform your best throughout all aspects of your life. Once we fit you, or you and your significant other to a mattress using our ingenious sleep system, you will never shop in another mattress store again!

 Our first “factory direct” store is coming soon. Hang in there.